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What is GCMS?

The Global Case Management System (GCMS) is Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s (CIC’s) single, integrated and worldwide system used internally to process applications for citizenship and immigration services.

What are GCMS notes and what information do they provide?

CAIPS or GCMS Notes provides us information on the many aspects of the immigration file that has been submitted. The GCMS notes are applicable if one has applied for-Permanent Residence–Skilled worker, Business Class, Family Class, etc.; Temporary residence – Work permit, Study permit & Visitor Visa; Returning Resident Permit/ Travel Document. The officer may have put some notes/ remarks on the file, which may provide some insight on the status of the application. Many of the information is in codes. Some of the information that may be collected from the GCMS notes is:

  • The date application was received
  • Status of application/ when the processing started
  • Initial assessment and points allotted
  • Assessment of qualifications, experience, etc.
  • Any verification made or likely to be made
  • If any visa interview has been scheduled
  • Any concerns that the officer may have put

How may the GCMS notes benefit the applicant?

This information is valuable as it provides an insight into how a particular application is being viewed by the immigration department, and the issues that they consider important in decision-making. The interpretation of the GCMS notes may help us to provide more relevant information to the immigration department that may help close a possible gap in the application, as a result reducing processing times. It may also help the applicant to go better prepared for the interview.

Where can I get GCMS notes?

The applicant may directly request for the CAIPS/ GCMS notes, or can do through us. It usually takes 4-6 weeks for the Notes to be received. CAIPS/ GCMS Notes are written in codes, used by immigration department, and are not easy to read. We can request and interpret the notes for you and provide you with a written report.

Note: GCMS Notes from the Immigration file doesn’t influence the processing of an ongoing application in any manner.