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Skilled Workers

The Yukon is seeking people with a business background and experience that would enhance the production and marketing of goods, services, exports, technology or research in the priority sectors.

  • sufficient proven experience in operating a business to implement the proposed business plan.
  • a minimum net worth of $250,000 CDN.
  • visited the Yukon at least once within the last three years.
  • reasonable communication skills in one of Canada’s official languages.

Successful PNP candidates nominated by the Government of Alberta will be required to meet all Federal statutory requirements regarding health, criminal and security checks before an immigration visa is issued.

Priority Investment Sectors

While business investment is welcome in most sectors the priority areas to be targeted include:

  • Information Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Value Added Processing
  • Forestry
  • Tourism Products, Attractions, Services and Facilities
  • Energy
  • Mining/Mineral Development
  • Agriculture
  • Cultural Industries including film and video production

The minimum equity investment required is $150,000 CDN

The applicant must be involved in the active management of the business. Passive investments where the person is not involved in the management of the business will not be permitted.

Investment in a business that was involved in a purchase or investment by a previous business immigrant within the last five years is not acceptable unless at least 50% of the investment amount is used to expand the business.

Retail, as a stand-alone operation, is not a priority sector and includes such activities as merchandising and food services.

The investment must create new employment opportunities or maintain and enhance existing employment for Yukoners.